Gold Rush

2 parts Redemption Bourbon Whiskey
1 part honey syrup
¾ parts lemon juice
Honey Syrup:
Combine equal parts honey with hot water, stir and let cool
Shake all ingredients with ice
Strain on a large ice cube in a rocks glass
Garnish with a lemon peel or bee pollen




Far from the Tree

1 ½ parts Redemption Bourbon Whiskey
2 parts apple cider
2 parts prosecco
½ part lemon juice
Barspoon cardamom honey
Add 5-10 cardamom pods to a ratio of 1:1 honey and water. Heat on low until honey is dissolved in water and cardamom is fragrant. Let sit for a few hours to cool.
Shake all ingredients, except prosecco, with ice
Pour into a champagne flute
Top with prosecco